Web Series: Social Media Star (Sonam Kapoor, Rega Jha)

07 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Firstpost has finally launched Social Media Star, a unique web series that talks about people who have met celebrities via their online profiles. The first episode stars Sonam Kapoor and Rega Jha, one of the writers for Buzzfeed. Janice Sequeira hosts this web series. Here’s the full review of the first episode.

Shows that try to show the person behind the actor/celebrity have been immensely popular with Indian audiences. One would think that the concept has now reached its saturation point, series like this Firstpost one infuses new life in it. Fittingly, it takes an actress who should the biggest young following and Rega Jha, one of the most popular online journalists.

What’s Wow: The series works. It takes Sonam Kapoor out of the ‘I am a celebrity zone’ and brings her to the zone of the next-door girl who’s going to get married soon.  The first episode has an onslaught of surprising information that humanises Sonam Kapoor – including the fact that she has to take her mother’s permission to buy a new mattress. And the freewheeling conversation has Sonam also talk about the body hair aspect. Well, that’s too much from an actress who’s notorious to have all prim and propah media outings.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: If you had doubts whether talk shows will work on the streaming platforms, this one will clear all your doubts

Cast: Janice Sequeira, Rega Jha, Sonam Kapoor

Director: Janice Sequeira.

Producer: Firstpost