Web Series Review : Zindabaad

06 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vikram Bhatt has gone all patriotic in the new series, Zindabaad. The series focuses on Vikram’s character. He is drunkard, who gets irritated at the drop of a hat. Near his home, is a school and every time the children make some noise, Vikram gets irritated.

His irritation level is so much that all he wants is the school to get shut down. He even goes to the Education Minister to get the school shut. But he is turned down by the minister. As his irritation for the children increases, one day a mishap happens.

The school children are killed in a bomb blast and this devastates Vikram. Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Sayed takes responsibility for the blast and Vikram vows to take revenge for the blast. He phones in a Pakistani show, where Hafiz is a guest and threatens to take revenge for the blast.

RAW tracks down Vikram to know who threatened Hafiz on TV. Sanaya Irani works for RAW and visits Vikram at his place. This brings the revelation that Vikram used to work with RAW 15 years ago. Sanaya is disappointed with how Vikram is keeping up with life, and suggests that he doesn’t do anything about the blast. But Vikram gets hold of the person who conducted the blasts and kills him for information.

What Wow? The concept of the show is interesting. Getting RAW involved in any series definitely raises expectations from the series. Sanaya makes for a good digital debut as a RAW agent. She manages to keep the audience’s attention intact, more than any other cast member.

What Blah? The execution of the series is something that could have been better than what it is. The concept is interesting, but onscreen it fails to keep the audiences attention intact. The audiences have seen many web series and International TV series with a similar concept, but the execution is way different than what has happened with Zindabaad.

Parting Shot: Vikram Bhatt’s Zindabaad is an interesting concept, but that doesn’t seem to translate onscreen. If you are okay with watching a patriotic series, without much attention to the execution, you can try Zindabaad, else it is avoidable.

Written: Vikram Bhatt

Directed: Sidhant Sachdev

Cast: Vikram Bhatt, Sanaya Irani, Pankaj Dheer, Aniruddh Dhave, Sana Khan