Web Series What the Folks Season 2 Review: It still has the initial quirk

19 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Renuka Shahane excels as the mother-in-law.
  • The product placement is still a bit in your face.

The second season of What the Folks just dropped its first episode. This time, in What the Folks, Nikhil’s parents are about to visit their son’s new house – where he stays with his wife, Anita.  The first episode of the second season starts in a breathless manner, now with the characters all introduced. But does the pace remain throughout the episode? Read our complete review to find out.

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In the first episode of the second season, Nikhil and Anita must welcome Nikhil’s mother and father into the new house. The screenplay does a good job of showing the difference in thought processes, lifestyle and such aspects of life between the four people.

Dice Media’s What the Folks is made with the urban, young audience in mind, something that Indian content creators are getting to since a while now. From Bollywood to TV to the streaming platforms, we see content mostly related to the young – sometimes the young and the restless.

What’s Wow: It’s good to see Renuka Shahane back on screen after a long time. She plays off the mother character quite well, hitting it off well with Shishir Sharma, who plays her husband.  The younger couple played by Eisha Chopra and Veer Rajawat Singh do a good job too. What’s got our attention is the character traits that are already revealed to us in the very first episode of the second season – proving that the writers have several aces up their sleeves, to make this season as interesting as the previous one was.  Again, it’s good to see an Indian web series that doesn’t have drinks, or a woman, or multiple women and relationships at the center and fore.

What’s Blah: The product placement is not as blatant as other series, but for the informed audience, we know what’s cooking there.

Parting Shot: What the Folks Season 2 is a good watch

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Veer Rajwant Singh, Eisha Chopra, Renuka Shahane, Shishir Sharma

Produced By : Ashwin Suresh, Anirudh Pandita, Aditi  Shrivastava

Director : Ruchir Arun