Web Series Review: Poison Is An All-Encompassing Thriller

23 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

ZEE5 brings to its audiences one of their big productions, Poison. Produced by Arbaaz Khan, the series stars him, Freddy Daruwala, Taruj Virwani, Riya Sen and others in. Here’s our complete review of the action thriller that’s currently streaming on the ZEE5 platform, Poison.

A young man, Ranveer (Virwani) is on a killing spree. His spree brings him to Goa, where he buys a bar and befriends the family of a police officer, Vikram (Freddy Daruwala). The bar pits him against the mafia in Goa, and the dreaded don, Antonio Verghese. In a startling twist, Ranveer starts romancing Vikram’s sisters, Jhanvi (Archana Gupta) and Ashu (Pranati Prakash), little knowing that another police officer and his accomplices are looking for him.

What’s Wow: Poison has several characters and storylines, and that works towards keeping the audience hooked.  This could be the most number of main, secondary and tertiary characters in an Indian web series. Like the cast, everything else about the series is big – with the Bollywood A-Listers finally feeling at home with streaming platforms.

Tanuj Virwani and Freddy Daruwala have the most screen-time, and both do justice to the elaborately written characters. Tanuj Virwani gives a nuanced performance. Freddy Daruwala makes us wonder why he isn’t part of more mainstream action thrillers with his outing as Inspector Vikram.  Another aspect that makes this series about crime and criminals is the justified amount of deaths, which adds to the spice that makes for a good crime series.

It’s good to see that the creative team of Ashita Modi, Shivanshu Nirupam, Seema Sahu and Jaya Chandode aren’t scared of killing off the darlings. Arbaaz Khan, who plays a dreaded, all-powerful don in the web series has a formidable presence, and it makes the series all the more watchable. We would have loved to know more about this criminal character who doesn’t believe in forgetting or forgiving. Maybe that’s the recipe for the second season of this ZEE5 web series, Poison.

For binge watchers, the several twists and turns in the screenplay make Poison an entertaining viewing. For the episodic watchers, the twists and turns will be a surprise as they go through the episodes day after day.  The several story arcs leave scope for a further introduction of almost every character in the series.

The writers have tried to create a fuller story and have added several story arcs to the final story, which makes the series more interesting for all kinds of audiences. The action sequences are quite novel for the streaming scene.  Most of the characters remain with the audience, and that’s good news for the Poison creators – after all, there’s always a place for a sequel for a good web series in 2019.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Poison is a big, interesting watch.

Cast & Crew:

Cast: Arbaaz Khan, Tanuj Virwani, Freddy Daruwala, Riya Sen, Pranati Prakash, Archana Gupta

Director: Jatin Wagle

Creative Heads: Ashita Modi, Shivanshu Nirupam, Seema Sahu, Jaya Chandode

Producers:  Altus Media

Watch the trailer here: