Web Series : Ready 2 Mingle

13 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Zoom Studios has come out with its new web series Ready 2 Mingle. It focusses around Nirav Chhabra and Myra Malik two lovers who play are now playing cupid to singles by organizing parties for them.

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The first episode came out this Friday and has the duo giving an interview and they reveal how they met. Nirav was out with another date who turned out to be a psychotic girl who keeps a snake as a pet. Nirav leaves her house at the first instance; Myra on the other hand was also out on a date with a person who was too obsessed about clicking images of the food than interacting with her. Myra left the date night and so did Nirav and they accidentally meet in a shared cab. They end up sharing their numbers and start dating.

Overtime, they start the business of organizing parties for singles which becomes a hit. As the interview ends, the two enter into a fight and it is revealed that all is not well in their paradise.

What Wow? The chemistry between Aahana and Amol is forever interesting. The storyline of the series is also captivating. Few minutes into the episode and you realise that you would want to continue watching the series.

What Blah? The episode does waste a lot of time in establishing how Myra and Nirav are perfect for each other in the start. They could have made the episode smaller by not putting in too much time that aspect.

Parting Shot : Ready 2 Mingle is a new age couple story that deals with the pros and cons of being in a relationship. If the premise suits you, it came be a fairly interesting series to watch.

Director: Rishab Seth

Cast: Aahana Kumra, Amol Parashar