Web Series : Presage

06 . Jun . 2017
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Season 1

Horror is the favourite genre for film-makers who want to make maximum use of minimal resources. It has a set audience and if it clicks, becomes immensely popular and successful. So, it is logical for film-makers to debut and invest in the horror genre.

Cutting Coffee Films has done just that and has launched 3 short films  in a series titled ‘Presage’. The films deal with horror elements that we see in everyday life.  One of the film deals with technical horror and the last one is a mix of all.

What’s WOW: The production values of ‘Presage’ are par for the course. The lighting and other aspects are perfect for a horror franchise. Apart from Kishwer Merchant, the other performers are relatively unknown, so that adds a lot towards making the project all the more interesting. What we liked about ‘Presage’ is that it keeps true to the basic concept of horror – the unknown is that drives people to fear. The other aspect that we liked is how the director hasn’t put in gore and instead concentrated on the situational horror. The under 10 minute videos have the correct amount of jump scares and keeps the audience hooked.

What’s Blah:  There’s not much that we can pick on in the series.

Cast: Simran Tooray, Poonam Mathur, Siddhima, Yudhvir Dahiya, Sachin Kathuria, Sushil Dahiya, Pooja, Vasavi Ginodia.

Produced By: Dharmendra Singh

Written,Edited & Directed By: Shiva varma Saptaraj Chakarborty

Executive Producer: Aditya Sharma

Creative Producer: Vishal Nayak

Original Music Composer & Sound Design -Mannan Munjal

Sound Asst. & Foley Artist -Sudarshan Mayekar

Director Of Photography: Arvind Yadav

Creative Producer: Nidhi Wahi

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