Web Series: PM Selfie Waali

17 . Apr . 2018
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Outside India, political comedies are very much around. There’s been Yes, Minister, it’s sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, VEEP, and of course, countless political comedy films. Unfortunately, there’s a dearth of such content in India and ALTBalaji’s PM Selfie Waali at least tries to fill in a bit. So, the series is about a female Prime Minister of India putting up her grand daughter as a potential candidate for the post of the Prime Minister of the country.

The Prime Minister’s son loved aircrafts and she doesn’t get along with her daughter-in-law. Audiences are welcome to make their connections to the real life political situation in India right now. The granddaughter’s initial entry into politics is a debacle but by the third episode things get better for her and the story progresses.

What’s Wow: As mentioned earlier, the very idea of a political comedy based in India is novel and therefore wins brownie points. The episodes that screened show potential. There are many things that keep the audience engaged. One, is the whacky screenplay – at one point the protagonist takes a selfie with who could be the President of India, another time she takes a selfie with an alleged terrorist – and the other is the OTT but charming performances of the cast. Nityami Shirke plays the main protagonist and does a good job. She’s joined by Pranay Pachauri, Anjali Sivaranaman and Shaan Grover.

What’s Blah: PM Selfie Waali, for all its humour, is a new concept and it will take a while for older audiences to get used to the concept of a political comedy. Some of the dialogues might be too harsh for an audience reeling under injustice in real life.

Parting Shot: PM Selfie Waali is a good addition to ALTBalaji’s inventory.

Cast: Nityami Shirke, Anjali Sivaraman, Pranay Pachauri

PM Selfie Waali is on ALTBalaji

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