Web Series: PillA

04 . May . 2017
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Season1, Episode 1

The protagonist of the series played by Dhanya Balakrishna is a contemporary Indian girl who goes out clubbing with her friend and boyfriend and gets completely sloshed by the time she makes it back home. Her mother, just like any Indian mother is horrified at her daughter’s lifestyle and want’s her to meet a young man of a marriageable age. The very same morning a family is present in their living room and the prospective bride and groom are seated across each other. The boy confides to Dhanya that he is gay and asks her to reject the proposal as drama begins.

What’s wow? The Telegu audience doesn’t seem to get enough of PillA with the five entertaining episodes of the series already out on viu. Treated much akin to a silver screen project with excellent cinematography, quirky pace, an opening song and engrossing actors, PillA has set a new benchmark for Indian web series.

The series is quite relatable and engaging. Despite being a regional product, primarily owing to language, PillA can be consumed by anyone courtesy its English subtitles.

What’s blah: Possibly the episode duration could be longer than 13-minutes for an audience which still isn’t quite used to short format dramedy.

Parting shot: Dhanya Balakrishna is the icing on the cake with her beautiful big eyes and animated expressions.

Even as director Pavan Sadinen introduces arranged marriage in the plot, he doesn’t make a villain out of it which comes across as very unbiased.

Definitely worth watching the Telugu Digital Entertainment industry catching up with the times.

Cast: Dhanya Balakrishna

Director: Pavan Sadineni

Produced by: Annapurna Studios Viu India

Duration : 12: 53

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