Web Series: PA Gals 2

06 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Girliyapa has finally come out with the much anticipated season 2 of PA Gals. Disha has left the trio she formed with Sonali and Mamta. While Sonali is able to move ahead with this new development in her life, Mamta can just not accept the fact that her roommate has moved on. Instead Mamta constantly thinks of Disha and ends of irritating Sonali as she makes her fill the void Disha created in her life. Sonali is finally left with no choice but to get Mamta a new roommate.

But that idea is easier said than done. The hunt for ‘the roommate’ is definitely hilarious, as the duo meets a lot of girls who can’t imagine sharing the flat with. As they manage to find top three girls they might be ready to share their apartment with, a girl comes to see the flat. Her story is a unique one: she has a guitar case filled with clothes instead of guitar, her luggage is locked and she doesn’t have keys to it, and much more. As her current landlady throws her out of home, she stays at Mamta-Sonali’s for one night. The problem is that Mamta is overly impressed with this new girl and is hell bent on sharing the room with her.

What’s WOW? PA Gals season 2 continues with the same humour that the first season had, and that is exactly what one expected from the new season.

What’s Blah? Not getting to see Prajakta who played Disha in season 1 is the only drawback in this new season.

Parting Shot: PA Gals 2 takes it forward from where the season 1 left. Whether you watched season 1 or not, you will enjoy this new season.

Director: Nidhi Bisht

Cast: Srishti Shrivastava, Ronjini Chakraborty

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