Web Series: Office Vs Office

03 . Jul . 2017
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Cyrus Sahukar is one of the many underrated actors who is now venturing into the streaming screens. He plays one of the main characters in the web series ‘Office Vs Office’, which looks promising.

The series is about a consultancy firm that’s having some financial trouble. The founders decide to rent part of their office to an eccentric film-maker. What follows next is entertaining chaos – and that’s what forms the rest of the film.

Office Vs Office has an interesting premise and holds promise. The two available episodes have a vibrant, fun and warm aspect , something that the audience will instantly connect to.

The episodes are filled with funny gags and jokes, and that’ll keep the audience hooked to know what happens next.  The intelligent premise is a perfect platform for interesting incidents – after all, this is a series that pits the corporate world with the creative.  Navin Kaushik is also great as Sid. The rest of the cast gives able support and we are looking forward to experience their exploits.

What’s WOW:  The film is well shot and has a very good cast that takes the series to the next level. Cyrus Sahukar as Bedu is good. Palomi Ghosh as the hapless partner in the business adds the ‘hep’ aspect to the series.  What we really liked is that the script-writers have given equal importance to all the cast members. That’s something we have seen in  only in the foreign web series and web short films.

What’s Blah:  We couldn’t find anything wrong with this series.

Parting Shot: Office Vs Office has the potential to be a winner.

Cast: Cyrus Sahukar, Navin Kaushik, Palomi Ghosh

Studio: Screen Patti


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