Web Series: Nenu Mee Kalyan

14 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Season 1, Episode 1

Sai Dharam tej comes as guest in Radio Jockey Viswant’s show but contrary to popular practice, makes the host reveal his love story as the 500th love story in the show. Nenu Mee Kalyan is the story of RJ Kalyan’s search for true love. He is passionate about his job as a Radio Mirchi RJ, content with his family and friends yet craves for something missing from his otherwise perfect life. Meeting his destined lover, who will complete his life. The first episode is breezy as we meet warm, effervescent characters who are content and happy with their lives. Everyone is positive and add value to Kalyan’s life. This episode is the beginning of a series following Kalyan’s attempts to find his one true love.

What’s wow? The tempo of the episode is great and so is the spunky background score. The director’s effort to keep the treatment quirky and contemporary is spot on, not failing to keep the commercial audience glued. First the trailer, followed by the first episode is a light hearted watch positioned like a rom-com which makes it an entertaining watch for netizens, particularly who understand and speak Telugu. The characters are introduced without rush, which connects the audience and the protagonist and his family by the end of the first episode itself.

What’s blah? Can be a little loud at places but must be working right for the language it is shot in and the target audience the series intends to cater to. Shot in a non-exaggerated style in locations which aren’t all very aesthetic friendly, the first episode does have a criss-cross of guerilla road shots interspersed with tacky blue living room walls.

Parting shot: Nenu Mee Kalyan scores because of it’s treatment which constantly alters its pace thus not exhausting the patience of the expectant internet audience. Watch the first episode here.

Cast: Viswant, Shalini Vadnikatti, Suhas, Alekhya Shetty, Sandhya Janak, B.Srinivas, Sushikanth

Director: Kalyan Shankar

Duration: 23:02