Web Series: Love Lust Confusion

17 . Mar . 2018
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Viu’s newest series Love Lust Confusion explores the dilemma of the millennial generation as far the opposite sex is considered. Love Lust and Confusion will explore the deep dark fantasies of every millennial.

The series centers on Poroma Sarkar who is engaged already. Since her fiancée goes abroad for a year for work purpose, she decides to have some fun in life. Poroma travels from Kolkata to Mumbai in search of unique experience she can collate before finally settling down with the love of her life.

Poroma starts working as a writer and ends up having a one-night stand with a chef she met for an interview. While she manages to keep this secret from her fiancé, the problem arises later. Poroma is staying with her best friend in Mumbai Molly. Incidentally, Molly is dating this vegan chef that Poroma slept with.

On the other hand, there is Jeet, a drummer in Karma Bitches, who is dumped by his girlfriend. He is now interested in just some fun and no serious commitment.  Jeet and Poroma end up meeting in a party. When they meet again, Jeet coaxes Poroma into following his ex-girlfriend. The two hit off in a unique way.

What’s WOW? Exploring the unique ‘love story’ of the millennial is a task and Love Lust and Confusion tries to give us a sneak peek into that. The actors have done a fabulous job in making the series as true and relatable as possible.

What’s Blah? There’s nothing unappealing in the series. There’s only one point in the series where you struggle to understand how Poroma got the job.

Parting Shot: Lovers of practical love arrangements will definitely like the series.

Director: Victor Mukherjee

Cast: Rajat Barmecha, Tara Alisha Berry, Meiyang Chang, Gaurav Chopra and Samir Kochhar

Love Lust and Confusion is now streaming on Viu

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