Web Series: Love Bytes Season 2

14 . Oct . 2017
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The streaming world now has several web series that talk about the love lives and problems that urban couple face. Somewhere, there is a question of whether a new web series that counters the same issues (live in, physical attraction to another, work-stress) will make a mark in the already saturated zone. SonyLIV’s Love Bytes told the story of a urban couple who decide to have a live-in relationship. At the end of the first season, the couple have a break up. The second season picks up from there.

What’s WOW? The series tells a beautiful story with an interesting screenplay that keeps its target audience interested and wanting to know what happens next. The screenplay, told in the manner of flashbacks and Person To Camera is something novel when it comes to web series and short films. We liked the way these segments were shot.

On the performance front, most of the actors have TV experience and it shows. The series has several dramatic and emotional scenes and Kushal Punjabi as well as Sukmani Sadhana are well equipped to portray a modern couple who are facing problems not just of their own but as a couple too.

What’s Blah? The series is a well-made, but what really puts you off is the blatant product placement. This series is sponsored by companies like NoBroker. There’s no way that a casual viewer can’t get away from knowing this fact. With such a big platform setting this one, they could have decreased the amount of product placement in the series.

Parting Shot: A good web series that can put off your weekend blues. At ten episodes, this one is a cool watch.

Cast: Kushal Punjabi, Sukhmani Sadhana, Shweta Gulati, Manish Goel, Manasi Scott, Ayaz Khan

You can watch Love Bytes Season 2 on SonyLiv Website and App


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