Web Series: Lore

28 . Oct . 2017
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The streaming world has several and more horror and thriller series. From psychological horror to slasher horror, there’s been a steady stream of horror content on all the streaming platforms. Therefore, content producers would need something different to stand different from the glut of horror. And Lore is exactly that.

The very concept of Lore on Amazon Prime is bound to interest fans of horror, medical history and followers of cultural phenomenon. Basically, the show tells about real life events that have inspired horror fiction. So, there are stories about what inspired Bram Stoker to write the Dracula series, what’s the meaning of the term ‘saved by the bell’, so on and so forth.

What’s Wow: The Lore wins hands down just because of the unique concept. The series turns out to be as interesting and intriguing as it sets out to be. The good part of this series is that it doesn’t begin to create new horror tropes, but endeavors to connect fiction with reality.  The origin of this web series is a super famous podcast that tackled subjects like truth in folklore.

What’s Blah: We couldn’t find anything wrong with this series.

Parting Shot: The Lore is an excellent docu-fiction web series.

Cast: Several

Production: Amazon Studios, Valhalla Entertainment, Propagate Content

Watch it on Prime Video

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