Web Series: Kirdaar

29 . May . 2017
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Small towns have played a big role in feature films. Most of the great actors we know today have come from small towns. Considered as the hub of creativity and ideas, Pune has now joined the race of the digital medium. Two Puneites have launched the first web series from Pune, titled ‘Kirdaar’.

The series is a unique concept and promises to be entertaining. It’s meta in a way – a series about people who want to make a series, in this case, a drama.  The series is set in Pune. We are pretty excited to see how the series capture the essence of the city, one that has a rich culture and history that’s deep in entertainment and education.

The first episode introduces the characters, a man who’s between jobs and has little option but to go to a school re-union that’s in Pune. He meets his old gang and his best friend from that time – together they decide to get back to the their dreams, to get back on stage.

What’s Wow: The initial screenplay is engaging. The director has taken the entertaining way out and not the dull, dour way that many web-series take nowadays.  The characters are relatable  and instantly connect with the audience.

What’s Blah: Though the screenplay is engaging in the initial stages, it becomes quite dialogue centric as the episode progresses. A less verbose screenplay would have worked wonders for the initial series.  This is a rarely used concept but we wonder why the screenplay looks so familiar. Why does the reunion sequence have a terrace scene? Why is liquor flowing so freely?

The packaging of the first episode is a bit confusing too, with the titles coming in between the episode and a major part of the last slot having cut shots of what’s coming up in the next episode.

Parting Shot: It would be too early to say anything concrete about this series. It has an interesting premise and we can just hope that the makers have done justice to it.


Subhoroto Bhattarcharjee, Preeti Pandav, Munir Shah, Tripti Shukla, Nikhil Tiwari, Jaie Kulkarni, Unnikrisnnan Nair

Directed By: Shoyeb Shaikh

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