Web Series: Kaushiki Review

07 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

VIU has brought to Indian and foreign audiences some of the most interesting content on the streaming platforms. VIU plans to continue this trend with Kaushiki, a web series that boasts of talented actors like Rannvijay Singh, Sayani Gupta, Namit Das, Manasi Scott and others. The web series is an urban thriller that promises to deliver more with its varied range of actors and a unique storyline. Here’s our complete review of Kaushiki.

Kaushiki is about a group of friends who seem hot and happening – and extremely happy on the outside, but their world’s taking a tumble for the worse on the inside. So, we have a uber rich guy who’s doing some murky business, a woman who’s having an affair with someone who’s really, close to her family, another guy who’s having some big issues on the professional front, so on and so forth. One of their friends, apparently the only one who leads a charmed, normal life, is murdered and that’s what starts this journey into the debauched, flawed life of the characters in the series.

What’s Wow: The performances are the mainstay of the series. Sayani Gupta has proven herself in mainstream films and it is her character and performance that’s the real glue of the series. She’s given able support by everyone else in the crew, with Namit Sharma successfully breaking his cliché and coming out on his own. It’s also good to see Omkar Kapoor break out of his Pyaar ka Punchnama and Siyaasat groove and try to do something new. The concept of the series – people having secrets – is good and the screenplay hooks the audience.

What’s Blah:

While the concept and the screenplay are good, the temperament of the series still has a bit of TV, and that makes the series a bit underwhelming.

Parting Shot:

A good thriller, nevertheless.

Cast: Sayani Gupta, Namit Das, Omkar Kapoor, Madhurima Roy, Shruti Srivastava, Rajeev Siddhartha, Rannvijay Singh

Director: Suparn Verma

Producer: Viu.