Web Series: Kacho Papad, Paako Papad

06 . Jun . 2017
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The streaming scene is really good news for film-makers who believe in regional cinema. Several film-makers are coming up with web series and digital films that push the envelope ahead when it comes to Indian Entertainment. Gujarati cinema has long been ignored my mainstream media. Though it’s a huge industry, Hindi and English media has  almost never covered them. Apart from the Ajit Vachchani starrer ‘Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka’ and films like ‘Chello Divas’, they have never created a buzz.

‘Kacho Papad, Paako Papad’ might just change that. The series tells the story of a young man who’s fallen in love with a woman seven years his senior. He lives in a joint family, with his two brothers, their wives, his parents and his niece.

‘Kacho Papad, Paako Papad’ is two things actually. One, it is a very good portrayal of the day-to-day life of a Gujarati family. Two, it is deftly handling issues that the the Gujarati community faces. The crux of the story, that of a younger man about to marry an elder woman is revolutionary not just for Gujarati cinema for even for Indian cinema.

The series has started off as a fun, frothy watch but it has the potential to be an engaging story.  While the series tackles an interesting concept, it has it right with the typical television type of entertainment to keep the audience engaged.   Apart from all that, ‘Kacho Papad, Paako Papad’  might also be one of the first series to bridge the gap between mainstream audiences and the digital medium. Though the series is handling a serious issue, it’s got an everyday screenplay that makes the concept subtle.

What’s WOW: ‘KPPP’ has a mature, humorous screenplay that’s quick  but steadfast. The performances are quite good. The actors are talented enough, and the whole series has the look and feel of a well thought of story as well as production.

What’s Blah:  ‘KPPP’ has a good story and good performances, but the latter are still in the TV mode. We aren’t quite sure whether the performances will be appreciated by the people who generally watch streaming media.

Cast: Roopa Divatia, Pratap Sachdeo, Bhakti Rathod,  Sagar Dariyai, Sonika Bawra, Jeetu Mehta, Krishna Oza, Dhyey Mehta, Tusharika Rajguru, Reeva Rachh, Dr. Hina Mistry, Shital Antai, Tushar Kapadia

Written By: Hasmukh Gandhi


Duration: 22:00

You can watch the web series on the official Sony Liv Platform


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