Short Film: Jihaad E Nafs

16 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The political climate in the country is quite difficult. With hype patriotism being the order of the day, several film makers are looking at making content that’s pure propaganda. Therefore, it’s surprising that a first-time short film maker, Payal Malhotra has decided to go the other way round with her short film.

The film is about a Muslim family that’s living in almost penury. While the mother is caught up in the struggle of making ends meet, her young son is all set to go on the path of crime. What happens next forms the rest of the short film’s story.

What’s Wow: Jihaad E Nafs is a bold, interesting story that’s more relevant than any other time. The short film shows the other side of terrorism – something that’s rarely shown in Indian media.   The performances are good, all along and so are the production values.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Jihaad E Nafs is a good watch

Cast: Payal Malhotra, Rahul Malhotra

Jihaad E Nafs will stream on YouTube and got recently showcased at Cannes 

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