Web Series on Honey Singh?

12 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Honey Singh is one of the most popular music celebrities in India today. He has been out of action for a while. However, there’s buzz now that his story makes its way into one of the web series that’s supposed to release soon. That web series is Vikram Bhatt’s Spotlight, season 2. The buzz is that Spotlight has a character who comes from a small town and becomes a big name and soon loses it.  Karan V Grover plays that character.

While there’s nothing official about it, the story does seem like Honey Singh’s life. Honey Singh gained popularity with his lyrics in the Punjab belt and then gained a massive popularity in the Metros. However, at the peak of his career, Honey disappeared and took almost a year to return to the spotlight.

Honey is no stranger to controversy and if the story is even remotely inspired by Honey, it will be an interesting watch. As for his sudden disappearance, there were rumours that Honey had gone into rehabilitation, while some zany rumours also said that Honey was victim of a drunken scuffle that led him to be hospitalised for a while. However, the Bhangra dude was hospitalised because he suffered from stress.  A report revealed that Honey Singh’s blood pressure had been fluctuating and his heart beat was also suffering. The doctors had advised him complete rest and not take stress of creating music.

Whatever be the case, Vikram Bhatt’s webseries Spotlight was pretty interesting and made for interesting viewing.  For his part, Yo Yo Honey Singh has released his first film song after his self imposed exile and is working on another single. No news on when Vikram Bhatt’s Spotlight 2 will hit the streaming screens.