Web Series Home Sweet Office Review : It is marred by blatant product placement.

28 . Feb . 2019
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  • Dice Media’s Home Sweet Office’s product placement leaves a bitter taste

Dice Media dropped the first season of their new web series, Home Sweet Office. The web series is about two cousins, Shagun and Adhira, setting up a wedding planning gig. One of the first clients they get is Adhira’s ex-boyfriend, Akhil. Both the problem – that of setting up an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and the concept – planners – are first world, and this could be the tone of the series going ahead. Here’s our complete review of the Dice Media web series, Home Sweet Office.

What’s Wow: There’s just one episode out yet, so there’s little to be known in terms of storyline – apart from the initial idea of two women taking up a contract for the wedding arrangements of an ex. Barkha Singh as the woman scorned who must set up her ex’s wedding gives a good performance. Isha Talwar as the cousin-with-the-business does a decent job as well.

What’s Blah: The concept of wedding planners has great potential, and there’s a worry whether the writers will hamstring this concept to make it into a person getting over a breakup. Another minor irritation is the blatant product placement – that doesn’t even escape the production process. The dialogues in the product placement scenes are evidently dubbed later. The camera lingers just a second more on the screen showing the product, so on and so forth. This is a case of bending backward to please the money bags. All this leaves a bitter taste for the audience.

Parting Shot: Dice Media has come up with an interesting concept, but it remains to be seen how realistic the execution will be.

Cast: Barkha Singh, Isha Talwar, Shabnam Vadhera, Yogendra Tiku.

You can watch the series here : 

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