Web Series: Harmony

16 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Mozart of Madras A R Rahman has come to Amazon Prime with a new series called Harmony. The series has five episodes of music wherein A R Rahman meets four different musicians from across the nation. Each of these musicians is given an episode each to showcase their expertise.

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The first episode, Entering The Kalari, has Rahman travel to Kerala. The state is home to Kerala Kalamandalam, outside Thrissur. The maestro discovers the Mizhavu which is a temple drum with powerful sounds. The episode features Kalamandalam Sajith Vijayan who plays the instrument and showcases his love and connection with Mizhavu.

The second episode, Looking At The Swar, gets Rahman to Navi Mumbai to see Bahauddin Dagar, who plays Rudra Veena in the Dhrupad tradition. Besides giving insights about playing the instruments, the episode gives an insight into the musician’s family home.

What’s Wow? Amazon Prime has put in a lot of efforts to make the show have an international feel considering Rahman’s international repute. Thankfully, it shows. Rahman continues to be the zealous student in front of the musicians.

What’s Blah? No one can judge a maestro show and Harmony is exactly that.

Parting Shot: Harmony is a careful selection of musicians that come together to make a musically high series. And Rahman adds that extra spice, which is required to do the needful in the show.

Harmony is now streaming on Amazon Prime