Web Series: Hankaar

31 . Jul . 2018
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After Damaged, Hungama has come out with a brand new web series titled Hankaar. The series has in all 10 episodes. The show is set in the underbelly of Mumbai, with five characters who are trying to make it big in the city of dreams. Nisha is a social worker who toils to rescue child and sex trafficking victims. Pradeep is a real estate broker who wants to become a builder but is caught in the building web. James is a drug addict, who supplies drugs to various dealers and is now looking to make a big drugs deal to end his money ordeals. Mangesh is a speech impaired man who wants to earn good money and ends up becoming the bodyguard of a gangster. The fifth protagonist, Joy is a tech wizard who is about to see the dark side of the techworld. The lives of all five of the protagonists somehow become entangled by the underworld gangster Z, who is invested in many businesses across the city.

Different circumstances bring all the five protagonists under the radar of a CBI officer. What makes the story further interesting is that the gangster Z has taken over the underworld business from his ailing uncle and made it richer and successful. The once ailing now fit uncle wants back what was his in the first place. There are carefully shot scenes in the series that will definitely hit the right note with the audiences.

What’s WOW? The web series has moments where you are completely enthralled by what you see on the screen. When Nisha is trying hard to rescue young girls from getting into the sex trade, or when she herself is fighting for her life, are scenes which will give you the chills. The entire series is shot in real location and actual scenes, which add to the authenticity of the series.

What’s Blah? The series doesn’t disappoint much. You are engaged throughout the series to notice any flaws even if they do exist.

Parting Shot: The series is very precise and engaging. For anyone looking out for some exciting and thrilling content, Hankaar is the title you are looking for. It will keep you enthralled throughout.

Director: Sanjay Bhatia

Cast: Ujjwal Chopra , Rajesh Balwani , Ram Menon , Sharda Nand Singh , Yogini Chouk Borhade , Prammod Sanghi , Sanjay Bhatia , Bhuvnesh Shetty , Shahnawaz Pradhan

Hankaar is now streaming on Hungama Play

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