Mithila Palkar doesn’t fail to impress in Girl In The City Chapter 3

14 . Jul . 2018
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The newest season of Bindass’ Girl In The City has released, which features curly haired Mithila Palkar as designer Meera Sehgal – the girl from Dehradun who wants to make it big in Mumbai.

The first episode of the series has been released and it starts with a nightmare that Meera has about how she and Arim have parted ways. Now all Meera wants is to have her own brand flourish.

The episode features Meera working with her tailor cum maid cum nanny Liakat, and her IT guy. The trio is working together in a new flat Meera has shifted to. Meera is trying hard to keep up with all the work her new role as a business woman entails. Apart from that, she is also eyeing a fancy place in Juhu, which she thinks will be apt for her own store, as it has  her vibe. The problem is that the owner is not ready to rent it to Meera. The other problem is that Meera doesn’t have much money to pay for the place either.

Apart from that, Meera also has to work to increase her sales as she is working on lesser margins, and only this tactic can help her get more money to expand her business. While Meera is trying to figure that out, her friend Sameera breaks off with her boyfriend and moves out of his house. Meera forces her to stay with her. As she brings Sameera home, she finds out an urgent consignment has not been delivered and she leaves a mourning Sameera to deliver it herself as early as possible.

In the end, Meera is thinking that she will make it despite all the problems she is facing.

What’s WOW? Mithila Palkar is fun to watch onscreen. She has almost become synonymous with the character Meera which definitely works for her a lot. There is not much to talk about in the series as only the first episode has released. And Meera’s is the only character which has been talked about in it.

What’s Blah? As mentioned before, there is not much to criticize in the series as of yet. The first episode has only been introductory one.

Parting Shot: Girl In The City can make for a good watch. Mithila Palkar doesn’t fail to impress in the new season of the series.

Cast: Mithila Palkar, Rajat Barmecha, Swati Vatssa

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