Web Series: ‘Geeta’s Guide To Moving On’

10 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Love and breakups are part and parcel of life. Breakups are rampant and different people react to it in a different manner. Bollywood has several films on the concept of breakups.  Puja Mohindra has now come up with a series, ‘Geeta’s Guide To Moving On’ , that deals with a broken engagement and how a young, American woman deals with it – especially since she is so closely connected to her Indian roots.

The series starts with the titular character, Geeta, already moving in with her parents and going for counseling.  Slowly, the story unravels – and we find out the exact reason and the scenario in which the boyfriend dumps Geeta.

What’s WOW: ‘Geeta’s Guide To Moving On’ wins because of it’s light, frothy screenplay. There’s no moping on screen which makes the series all the more interesting and entertaining.  The characters have performed well and take the series to a new level. The main character as well as the supporting ones are well written and seem pretty layered. It remains to be seen how they fare further.

What’s Blah:  The film has its heart in the right place. However, the screenplay could have been better. Right now, the screenplay is worth a Facebook video, not a series that’s on one of the biggest video platforms. Also, the audience may not connect completely with the characters in the series because there’s no backstory of the characters. We aren’t even invited to see some of the scenes from Geeta’s earlier love life with her fiance.

Cast: Padmini Divekar, Mangala, Masha Hira, Puja Mohindra, Jed Feder, Jennifer LaForte, Valerie Querns, Andy Nagraj, Danielle Pinnock.

Written By: Kunal Aneja

Director: Phil White, Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke.


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