Web Series: Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force

08 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

There aren’t many cartoon series for children, so when one comes up, we are always excited. When the series is a spin-off from a hit mobile game, we are definitely going to watch it. This brings us to Fruit Frenzy, a series inspired from Fruit Ninja, the hit mobile game.

The series introduces the audience to the four protagonists, who suddenly have to combat a time-traveling villain. We don’t know much about the four protagonists – apart from the fact that they are Fruit Ninjas. What are Fruit Ninjas, fighters who use their fruit powers to defeat their enemies.

What’s WOW: Fruit Ninja brings the best of the hit game, Fruit Ninja – a colorful, vibrant world that immediately invites a viewer into it – simply because bright colors is such a great invitation. The series is high on animated action and a script that’s fast and furious. This makes it a very good experience for children. The makers have been thoughtful enough to keep the animated action blood-free and therefore keeping it all away from controversy.

What’s Blah: The first episode of the series throws the audience directly into the action and there’s not much in terms of character creation for any of the six characters that are presented. We wonder whether the series makers have decided to unravel more details about the characters as the series progresses.

Parting Shot: YouTube has been at the fore of paid streaming series and offers several films, both Bollywood and Hollywood for rent and sale. It remains to be seen if this child-centric action series gains enough traction for YouTube.

Produced By:  Half Brick Studios

Duration 11:55

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