Web Series: ENDUKILA Looks like Just another Tollywood Film

20 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Season 1, Episode 1

Comedies with a supernatural twist are few and far between. So, when something like ENDUKILA crops up, we sit up and take notice. The show is about a boy who’s deemed unfortunate by his father but loved by his mother. He does face twists of fate, including his childhood heartthrob shifting to Vizag even as he thought their love was blossoming.

What’s Wow: The concept is a good one, and that’s what initially got our attention. We also liked that it is treated in a light-hearted manner – at least in the first episode. People who are looking for a light-hearted comedy will find this right up their alley. Sumanth Ashwin as Dhanush Rishi shows potential.  The other people in the cast are Kasi Vishwanath, Madhumani, Venalla Kishore, Subbaraju, Jeeva and others.

What’s Blah: While the performances are good, they are still quite OTT and not very different from the performances we have seen back in mainstream cinema. It gets grating after a while. The digital media is all about exploring and experimenting with new stuff. The only aspect keeping the series in our good books right now is the unique concept.

Parting Shot: It’s too early to shoot down or praise ENDUKILA and it shows potential to grow as a good web series.

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Yamini Bhaskar

Director: Lakshman Karya

Produced By: YuppTV

Duration : 18:03


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