Web Series: Disjointed

28 . Aug . 2017
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Marijuana, as a substance, has a different acceptance level the world over, but mostly it is used as drugs and hence looked down upon. But when there is a series revolving around a joint that sells this drug, it is a double edged sword.

That is the exact case with Netflix’s newest series Disjointed – created by Chuck Lorre (creator of The Big Bang Theory, Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, and Mom) and David Javerbaum (writer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) – The Disjointed has some big shoes to fill.

The series revolves around Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, played by celebrated Hollywood actor Kathy Bates, who owns the Ruth’s Alternative Care, a dispensary that sells medicinal marijuana. Her son, Travis joins her after graduation to help secure her business. The show runs around the daily happenings into the dispensary.

The joint has many interesting characters as staff. A modern-day hippie Pete, who talks to the marijuana plants he is growing in an Australian accent, and thinks of them as his girls who as per Pete talk back to him. Next is Jenny, a medical school dropout who lies to her Chinese mother about continuing her studies and is always under the guilt of not telling her the truth. One of the most interesting characters is Carter the store security guard, a military veteran who is suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and eventually finds solace in marijuana. Olivia seems to be the only staff member, who doesn’t smoke all the time and talks sane primarily.

The dispensary also has some unique characters as customers. Portraying the aftermath of drug overuse are the couple Dank and Dabby, who are patrons of the joint and also YouTube stars in their own right. Maria is an overstressed mom, who thinks marijuana is the miracle drug to all her problems, and is always high.

What’s WOW? The always high duo Dank-Dabby becomes the most entertaining thing as the 10 episode series progresses, after some boring start. Betsy Sodaro does a brilliant job as Dabby, while Chris Redd as Dank becomes more of her sidekick. Ditto for Nicole Sullivan who plays Maria, she is one actor you end up looking forward to watching. There’s nothing ‘unique’, as far as their character sketch goes, but these actors have given their best to the series and that shows onscreen.

Carter, played by Tone Bell, gets some serious makeover halfway through the season, and it is such a relief. Unlike other characters, you will laugh at most Carter jokes.

What’s Blah? Coming from Chuck Lorre, Disjointed doesn’t make you laugh, nor do you look forward for the next episode. The series doesn’t offer anything new or exciting; and also there’s no message – which is a must when dealing with a controversial subject like marijuana.

If you watched Chuck’s Mom, then imagine Bonnie smoking weed instead of alcohol, and being a bit more sane. Apart from that, Ruth and Bonnie are very similar. They both are ambitious, high on life and not very forthcoming about their only child’s accusations of abandoning him/her in childhood.

Travis, played by Aaron Moten, doesn’t offer anything at all, apart from some good advice to her mother once in a while. He could have done that over the phone. Actress Kathy as Ruth is wasted; all she does is swear and smoke. Again, the writers didn’t do justice to Kathy’s acting prowess, with a role that didn’t merit Kathy’s skills.

Parting Shot: Avoid watching Disjointed, if you have already watched Mom and The Big Bang Theory. Apart from 10 minutes of acceptable comedy, this Netflix series disappoints big time.


Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman

Aaron Moten as Travis, Ruth’s son

Elizabeth Alderfer as Olivia, one of the dispensary’s employees

Tone Bell as Carter, the security guard who has PTSD

Elizabeth Ho as Jenny, one of the dispensary’s employees

Dougie Baldwin as Pete, one of the dispensary’s employees

Chris Redd as Dank, the dispensary’s best customers

Betsy Sodaro as Dabby, Dank’s girlfriend

Creator and Producer: Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum


You can watch this original series on Netflix

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