Web Series: Dil Buffering

20 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

There are several women oriented, urban web series around. So, a new one needs to be fresh and very different to mean anything. Bindaas launches Dil Buffering, a web series that’s now streaming on YouTube. It features Aanchal Munjal as a young woman, Abby who undergoes everything that a woman goes through has a break up, decides to move on, even has an entrepreneurial streak.

What’s WOW: The screenplay of the series is one of the better ones we have seen in a web series since a while. It is one of the few that concentrates on the relationship between a mother and her daughters. There’s even some sisterhood thrown in, which gives it all a nice touch. Unlike other romantic comedies web series, this one has a quick screenplay. Also, what’s missing are the moping sequences that make such web series boring and might even put off the audiences. The episodes have the screenplay running taking leaps and bounds. All in all, Dil Buffering is a nice, fresh take on romantic comedies.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Dil Buffering is a good addition to the list of the feel-good web series.

Cast: Aanchal Munjal and others.

Producer: Bindass

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