Web Series: Die Trying

15 . Feb . 2018
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Die Trying is a web series based in 2004 Bangalore (it wasn’t Bengaluru then the rechristening happened in 2014). It revolves around two friends Kenneth and Rohan, two small time musicians who have big time dreams.

They play at Live Nights, but their music just doesn’t hit the right chords with the audiences for whatever reasons. Somehow their gigs are sabotaged; they enter into a fight with the not-to-be-messed people and the works. Basically the odds are stacked against them, but they just don’t give up.

Kenneth (Kenny Sebastian) plays the sweet guy who is always trying to calm down his angry and always irritated friend Rohan (played by the hot hunk Vidyuth Gargi).

The two friends also have their respective love stories going on. Only Kenny’s a bit more messed up cause Rohan never behaves properly with Kenny’s girl Soundarya who’s one half of the popular band Purple Harmony. Rohan’s own love life with Prakriti – the manager of Sea Zone – is also not great as Rohan is not emotionally as strong.

The seven webisode series has some vintage moments that will suddenly make you realise that it based in 2004 and not in the current year – like the landline phones, Orkut and many more things.

What’s WOW? When you have Kenny Sebastian, a famous standup comic creating a web series, there is bound to be a lot of LOLs and ROFLs. That is exactly what happens with Die Trying. One of the USPs of the web series is that it doesn’t preach at all, and is something you are secretly hoping to happen.

What’s Blah? There’s nothing to complain about in the series.

Parting Shot: If you have liked watching Kenny do a standup, you will definitely love this series. Same goes for lovers of a comedy

Creator: Kenneth Sebastian

Director: Khuzema Haveliwala

Cast: Kenneth Sebastian, Vidyuth Gargi, Adarsh Gourav, Soundarya Jayachandran, Urooj Ashfaq, Vaspar Dandiwala, Naveen Richard

Die Trying is now streaming on Amazon Prime

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