Web Series: The Crown Season 2

12 . Dec . 2017
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Watching a royal story unfold in front of your eyes can be a treat and Netflix’s most recent web series The Crown, in its second season, is definitely that.

The new season, unlike the first, puts a lot of focus on Queen Elizabeth’s sister and husband. Both the entities are not-so-easy with the unnecessary responsibility they have to endure only because Elizabeth is the Queen. Claire Foy retains her character as Queen; ditto goes for Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret). Considering that this is the last time Claire will be playing the queen, she has made sure she leaves her mark.

The 10-part web series, set in the 1960s, portrays many incidents that marred the Queen’s reign in the time. The Profumo Affair, Suez Canal, and much more find events are covered in The Crown Season 2. While Elizabeth faces all these setbacks in life what make her suffering empathetic are the constant troubles she has with her husband and sister. Despite having to face a tough time in her marriage, she doesn’t lose her focus on making the monarchy work.

Philip is cranky, seeing Elizabeth as the man in the marriage. His stubbornness to gain respect from the men in moustaches in the castle is a struggle, and something that he can rarely gain.

Margaret, who was trying to find a suitable man for her, finally ends up marrying a commoner – Antony Armstrong-Jones (Matthew Goode), the photographer who became Lord Snowdon after the royal marriage.

The story goes through a gamut of emotions, with Elizabeth delivering a fourth child, which means a lot for her ‘happily married’ image.

What’s WOW? Considering that this is the last time Claire will be playing the queen, she has made sure she leaves her mark. The scene where she crowns Philip as the prince is a must watch. Claire is able to portray the bottled emotions of Elizabeth with such élan, you may wonder if you are watching a documentary. The grandness of a monarchy is carefully maintained throughout the series, for which the producers definitely deserve applause.

What’s Blah? The duration of the web series can be a turn-off. At sixty minutes per episode, one may just skip through some important scenes.

Parting Shot: Don’t miss The Crown 2 as this is the last time Claire essays the Queen. The next season will be having a different actor playing queen – Olivia Colman – as the character ages.

Creator and Writer:  Peter Morgan

Cast:  Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Eileen Atkins

The Crown Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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