If you are looking to enjoy some stand-up comedy, you can stream Comicstaan

14 . Jul . 2018
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Amazon Prime’s newest reality series is Comicstaan. Four episodes of the series were released recently and new episodes will come out every Friday thereon. The first four episodes of the show have released.

The first episode had all the judges touring different cities of India to find the budding comic artists. The rest three features three out of the six judges mentoring the set of ten contestants – the list includes Biswa Kalyan Rath, Tanmay Bhat and Sapan Verma. The other stand-ups on the judges’ panel include Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka and Naveen Richard. Abish Mathew and Sumukhi Suresh have turned host for the show.

The three episodes which have the top ten chosen artists perform in front of the audiences are high on jokes. These episodes have a different mentor for each episode – Biswa for Anecdotal Comedy episode, Tanmay for trending topics and current affair and Sapan for situational comedy.

What’s WOW? The show is definitely something Amazon has been looking for. After having collaborated with many stand-up artists for various shows, Amazon has finally got its own show with as many as 6 comedians collaborating and mentoring for one show. The show is high on a lot of jokes, many of which we haven’t heard ever. That is something one should look out for in the series.

What’s Blah? Nothing to crib about. We will have to watch the upcoming episodes.

Parting Shot: If you are looking to enjoy some stand-up comedy, you can stream Comicstaan. The budding comedians have been carefully selected and their jokes will make you laugh and smile.

Director: Khuzema Haveliwala

Comicstaan is now streaming on Amazon Prime

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