Web Series: Collateral

13 . Mar . 2018
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Netflix’s newest web series Collateral is a mystery surrounding the murder of a pizza delivery guy in London. Detective Kip Glaspie senses that there is more than meets the eye in the murder and investigates deeper into it much to the dismay of her colleagues and also seniors.

The deceased was an immigrant Muslim, which raises Kip’s suspicions. Apart from that, the pizza store owner sent him to deliver the pizza even though it wasn’t his turn to deliver. Further intensifying the mystery are various sub-plots in the series, which are revealed throughout the four part series. As the series proves forward, viewers find themselves in the middle of the trafficking nexus of Iraqi immigrants into UK.  Between all this, Kip makes ‘assures’ the deceased’s family of asylum in UK, which seems to complicate things. Overall, all the four episodes of the series are engaging beyond comprehension.

Whats WOW? The plot and also the sub plots of Collateral are highly engaging. Despite addressing some of the key issues the world facs today, it is not preachy in any way. Carrey Mulligan, who plays Kip, was indeed pregnant in real life – like in the show. It is sheer delight to watch her onscreen and her dialogue delivery as a tough detective will appeal to every mystery lover.

What’s Blah? Nothing really.

Parting Shot: Netflix’s newest web series Collateral touches upon the global burning issue of immigrants and asylum seekers. At four hours for the entire series Collateral is a blessing.


Carey Mulligan

Jeany Spark

Nicola Walker

Nathaniel Martello-White

Director: S J Clarkson

Writer and Creator: David Hare.

Collateral is now available to stream on Netflix.

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