Web Series: Bin Bulaye Mehmaan

16 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Coming back with a season 2 after a hiatus, Bin Bulaye Mehmaan opens with an interesting premise. Keerti and Shivendu are married, but have not announced this to the world. Apparently, Keerti’s office is not very supportive of their employees getting married.

Any employee, who secretly marries, has to pay compensation and doesn’t get the benefit she is entitled to. Shivendu has opened up his own food truck, while Keerti enjoys a corporate life.

While they have an elaborate plan of keeping their marriage under wraps, all hell breaks loose when Shivendu’s mother calls him. His cousin brother from Ambala is coming to Mumbai the next morning for some days. Keerti decides that she should be staying over at a friends’ place to keep their marriage a secret.

What’s WOW? The thought behind the series is interesting. Having to bid your wife adieu for a distant relative is a stimulating concept. The first episode is engaging.

What’s Blah? The first episode could have been a bit longer. But then who likes to keep watching a never ending episode, so basically nothing blah in the episode.

Parting Shot: Bin Bulaye Mehmaan is a novel attempt at taking the franchise forward. The first episode is entertaining enough; and leaves the audiences enticed enough to come back for more.

Creator and Director: Mohit Hussein

Produced By: Workshop Inc

Written By: Mohit Hussein, Chhavi Mittal

Cast: Additi Gupta, Anuj Sachdeva, Yash Sinha, Rajeev Mehra, Kavita Renaka, Yatin Chadha

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