Web Series: 2 by 3

27 . Sep . 2017
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After the stupendous success of Little Things and the more recent What The Folks, latest offering by Dice Media is a web series titled 2 by 3. It is a story of a couple in their early 30s – Balan and Aashna. Due to a temporary financial crunch, they rent out a room from three college going kids – Rohan, Veer and Akash, who have been living ‘comfortably’ in the house.

The first episode has the five coming together under one roof for the very first time. How the couple and the trio try to gel, is what 2 by 3 is all about – at least that is what is evident in the first episode.

What’s WOW? The stark difference between the thought processes of the couple and the trio is marvelous. As mature adults, Balan and Aashna, think very much like a parent would. Imagine they want to change the rules of the house, and in a bargain they want to get the bigger room for them! Who does that (parents, or very old siblings, right).

The madness that Veer and Akash indulge in is unmatched. Smaller details like the blackboard in the house to keep an eye on ‘puking’, ants roaming freely on wasted food, unclean bathroom, etc. are so typical of a bachelor pad.

What’s Blah? After What The Folks, Dice Media has set a high bar for itself. And 2 by 3 fits into that slice of life genre brilliantly. The only disadvantage is that after WTF, you expect Dice Media to break stereotypes with every series, but not every offering needs to educate you – some can solely entertain as well. That said, we will wait for the future episodes of 2 by 3, to categorise it.

Parting Shot: If you are missing/loving/wanting to relive your college days, then this series is a must watch. Not just that, in case you are an IT consultant, Balan & Aashna’s introduction scene will have you in splits.

Cast: Akash Deep Arora, Daljeet Singh Gujral, Govind Menon, Kartik Krishnan, Kriti Vij, Sukant Goel

Director: Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan


Duration: 18.32 mins

Watch the series here :

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