Educated, Intelligent, Brave: How web portrays today’s women

08 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Women are definitely one force to reckon with. And the streaming world, which is so true to reality, has portrayed the one half of the global population in all its might. Some of the web ventures have managed to impress with their truest and empowering portrayal of women. Listing them, celebrates International Women’s Day! Read on:

  1. The Test Case

ALTBalaji’s The Test Case is a class apart in showing that women can achieve anything they set their eyes on. Nimrat Kaur plays Captain Shikha Sharma, the only women in a sea of male officers in the Special Forces Training Centre; all vying for the special tag of a Commando. Shikha, despite the obvious pressures, doesn’t give in to the societal norms. Taking women empowerment to another level, Juhi Chawla essayed the role of a women defense minister. From being considered defenseless to handling defense of a nation, The Test Case shows women in different light altogether

  1. Absentia

Amazon Prime Video’s Absentia portrays women in the most positive manner possible. An FBI agent Emily Byrne (played by Stana Katic) disappears without a trace and when she comes back, six years later, her life has changed. Thinking she is dead, her husband marries again and Emily’s son is raised by someone else. To top it all, Emily is convicted of her own murder. Notwithstanding her troubles, she puts her life back on track and also unearths the mysteries that surrounded her disappearance

  1. Haq Se

ALTBalaji’s Haq Se is a story of the Mirza family, and the four daughters each of whom have a different life goal. Meher, Jannat, Bano and Amal are young Kashmiri women and who have minds of their own notwithstanding the political scenario of their state. Through the four Mirza daughters, Haq Se tells the tales of empowered women daring to dream and achieve.

  1. Chhuri

Being independent doesn’t always mean earning your own living, though that is what it entails at least for women. But in the short film by Mansi Jain – Chhuri, Tisca Chopra plays the submissive wife who seems to have no control over her cheating husband. However, life changes when her daughter pushes her to take matters in her hand. With Tisca’s ‘i-dont-care- about-my-cheating-husband’ attitude, Chhuri dares to present housewives as a strong entity.

  1. Girl In The City

Urban girls are always thought to be more daring and ambitious than their town/rural counterparts. But Bindass’ Girl In The City paved way for a more realistic portrayal of girls from small town. Mithila Palkar played Meera from Dehradun, who shifts base to Mumbai to achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer. The web series managed to present the struggles of every small town girl who shifts to a big city to attain her big dreams.

  1. P.A. Gals (Poonam Apartments Girls)

Girliyapa’s P.A.Gals (Poonam Apartments Girls), appealed to all the girls staying as tenants anywhere. Highlighting the problems, confusions and even the solutions girls have to face, the web series should be lauded to highlight the plight and also the excitement women flat mates get to enjoy.

Women are definitely an entity to reckon with. Happy Women’s Day Streamers!!!

You can watch the video below