We have The Investigation Season 2 in place: Hiten Tejwani

04 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hiten Tejwani is the blue-eyed boy of soap operas. He is going in for a character overhaul with the ErosNow Quickie web series The Investigation. We got in touch with Hiten Tejwani and spoke to him about his soap operas, crime as a concept and his preparation for the web series The Investigation.

Here’s the transcript:

What made you say yes to the web series?

Well, I like to experiment. I am always looking for newer roles. I am well known for my soft roles in family dramas. Here, I play a police officer, that’s an interesting role. So, I wanted to try that out as well.

Tell us about your character in the series.

I play a police officer. And I am trying to solve a murder case that hits close to home. He’s a gray guy – he has his good side and his bad side. I had fun playing this layered character.

Why do you think more and more mainstream actors are coming to streaming?

Actors will say yes to anything that interests them. It’s also about experimenting. Streaming is the next big thing and provides a lot of opportunities to actors. I think that’s the major reason why more actors are looking at streaming as a viable proposition.

How did you prepare for the role?

I didn’t watch any character if that is what you are asking. But I did notice the mannerisms of police officers here and there. I got my inspiration from them. See, day in and day out, they are in situations where they must shoot, or they will get shot. It’s difficult to be soft and good in such a scenario.

Are there any plans for a Season 2 of The Investigation?

Well, in principle, it’s always there. But you know, there are a lot of factors that go into making a season 2 of a web series. Of course, we have the skeleton of how to go about with a season 2, but we’d like to wait and watch.

Why do you think crime is such an interesting subject for content creators?

It’s because the audience laps it up. Even in the tv space, you will see that everyone watches a Crime Patrol or a Savdhan India. That’s because the story is brutal and frank. There’s no question about whether someone will leave the house. There isn’t even the question of whether someone will die or not. Someone will die, the interesting part is how.

How open would you be for a TVF or an AIB video?

That’d be very interesting. I’d be open to anything that’s interesting and where I can experiment.

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of films lined up, including Kalank. But I have nothing on the streaming front as yet.