Voot Originals’ Shortcuts are modern film-making at its best

12 . Feb . 2019
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  • Voot Originals Shortcuts is a smashing entry for Voot into the short film and anthology collection.

Voot Originals recently launched Shortcuts, their anthology of short films and they are now streaming on their platform. The web series has currently five short films in their playlist. With this, Voot is going ahead with the short version of storytelling – and the one-hour short film seems to be relegated to be a Netflix Original or a Prime Original. Here’s our complete review of the Voots Original Shortcuts.

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The six short films that are out right now are part of an anthology. The first film is about two men who find out that they have the same woman in their lives. The second film is the description of a drug-induced trip of two individuals. Another short film is about a woman who’s living a regressive life with her husband. The two other supernatural-themed films are about young men paying the price for their thrill-seeking behavior.

What’s wowThe five short films have amazing concepts that are brought brilliantly to the screen. The stories have twists that will keep the audience engrossed and create a space for all the characters that they see. It’s rare to see a short film anthology that has such strong content all through the playlist. The name of the five films are:

  • Ishq ki Googly
  • Bouma
  • Derma
  • Chacha and Cheetah
  • Joyride

Neeraj Udhwani paints an amusing picture about modern love and betrayal and successfully paints a picture that’s as cute as a sign of the times with Ishq ki Googly. Amol Parashar and Manu Rishi Gupta do a good job of portraying two men at different stages in their live and professional lives.

Yatharth Awasthi does a brilliant insight into the world of recreational drugs. Ayush Saini and Niteesh Wadhwa have fun playing their characters.

Barun Sobti is given the more difficult character to play in this anthology, but he does it with elan in a short film that successfully creeps into the audience’s minds. Debatina Mandal creates a good modern horror with this short film.

Debatina Mandal also creates an interesting concoction of sci-fi and women’s liberation for a short film, Bouma, which stars Bidita Bag as the all-enduring wife, until she isn’t.

Fardeen Khan gets back to horror roots with his short film Joyride, which stars Shiv Pandit and Akshara Haasan

What’s Blah: Nothing

Cast:  Amol Parashar, Manu Rishi Gupta, Ayush Saini, Niteesh Wadhwa, Barun Sobti, Bidita Bag, Shiv Pandit, Akshara Haasan.