Voot Original Review: Fuh Se Fantasy could have been fantastic

06 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Intimate fantasies have interest content creators since a long time. The most notable of these were the Zalman King novels and later, films.  In that tome, Voot brings Fuh Se Fantasy, a web series that’s an anthology of stories about sexual fantasies.  The first episode, titled Nyotaimori, is about a young man who falls in love with a woman working at a Sushi counter. Only, she isn’t a common worker – she’s a Nyotaimori – the one on whom the food is served. Here’s our complete review of Nyotaimori, the first episode from the web series Fuh Se Fantasy.

A young man falls in love with the Nyotaimori. The young man has a job, even has a girlfriend – so what if she’s a bit aggressive and always panting for sex. However, this young man has eyes only the Nyotaimori. What could have ended as a seven-year itch transcends into a love story for the man, and he now must decide between his set life and falling in love with a woman who he has met only four times before.

What’s Wow: The concept is good. It mixes exotic love with the idea of falling in love with someone who’s a part of our lives, but we never really pay attention to them. Debatma Mandal creates endearing characters who are a chasm of innocence in a world that’s full of grit and grime.

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What’s Blah: Unfortunately, Debatma takes the easy way out without tackling the conflict that the protagonist’s decision changes. This is a single episode in a web series, so the audiences don’t really get a chance to connect with the characters. Therefore, the kicker in the end never really matters.

Parting Shot: Fuh Se Fantasy relies on pulp viewing rather than intellectual.

Cast & Crew: 

Cast: Naveen Kasturia

Writer and Director: Debatman Mandal

Producers: Sukesh Motwani, Mautik Tolia

Watch the trailer here: