Voot Original ‘It’s not that simple’ Review : Swara Bhaskar flaunts her acting prowess

14 . Dec . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Once in a while, we come across a show that makes us rethink relationships in particular, and life in general. It’s Not That Simple is the story of Mira (Swara Bhaskar), her journey to landing the contract of her dreams, the ups and downs along the way, her messed up relationships, and all this while beautifully taking care of a 10 year old. It might seem unreal, but it is all in fact, more real than most shows.

The show starts with Mira trying her best to get her company registered for a prestigious architect’s conference, but constantly failing at it. She lands up at the venue, and after facing rejection again, with her hopes shattered, walks to the lift only to face the three people who were her world till sometime back. The show shuttles effortlessly between the past and present.

Dev (Sumeet Vyas) is a high flying architect, the CEO of his company, who thrives on control control and Mira Verma is a mother, separated from her husband who refuses to divorce her hoping she will change her mind someday. She is fiercely career minded and respects her dignity, which eventually leads to conflicts between her and Dev.

Super successful Dev takes over Mira’s company with 70% stake in it. After Dev’s public outburst where he humiliates Mira, she quits with Dev refusing to apologise to her publicly. She moves on, but her partner and close friend, Natasha (Mansi Rachh) decides to stay on in the company. As if this was not enough, a design she creates for a big pitch – something very close to her heart – is not hers anymore. With the help of her nemesis turned friend – Angad Shergill, an award winning author, she manages to get herself registered in the conference. It gets her a step closer to fulfilling her dreams.

Angad Shergill and Mira Verma first meet under unpleasant circumstances and what follows is a series of hilarious incidents, leading to Angad even confiding about something about his personal life in her. Their friendship blossoms beautifully into a relationship that most would kill for.

The show also depicts the harsh realities of growing up in a family where parents are separated, with the kid torn between the mother and father. There are few moments when there is extreme cooperation for the sake of the child, but we also see their dark side surface the moment signs of one moving on begin to appear.

The show is replete with conspiracies and repercussions of Dev’s narcissism, him wanting Mira back in his life and applying every trick in the book to do that, but failing miserably.

What’s WOW

The show is packed with brilliant performances. Swara Bhaskar and Sumeet Vyas are simply amazing.

The makers haven’t shied away from depicting that a woman has the right to choose the man she wants in her life, even if that means making mistakes along the way.

Purab Kohli’s transformation from a single, carefree guy to someone who’s responsible, is admirable.

What’s Blah: Only if we look too hard, but the storyline kept us hooked enough to not do that

Parting Shot: Seven episodes – each one worth your time

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Swara Bhaskar (Mira), Sumeet Vyas (Dev), Karan Veer Mehra (Jayesh), Vivan Bhatena (Rajeev), Purab Kohli (Angad), Mansi Rachh (Natasha), Neha Chauhan (Anika)

Director: Danish Aslam

Writers: Charudutt Acharya and Jaya Misra

Music: Kshitij Tarey