VJ Tina Thadani’s ‘The Leftovers’ is about Mumbai’s Slum Kids

29 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Tina Thadani is at the Cannes, and this time it’s not for any glamorous reason – but one with a heart. Tina’s short film ‘The Leftovers’ has been selected for a screening at the Short Film Festival. The short film is about two NGOs who are working towards giving a better life to the underprivileged children by educating them.  The film connects the audience to two women, Swati, who has opened a school in Pune, and Archana, who teaches hygiene to the students.  The film also tells the audience about the Angel Express Foundation, where Thadani today volunteers to teach English.

Speaking about the trials she went through while making the film, in a media interaction, she said that she edited the film herself, so she could send it to the film festival. She also revealed that they could shoot the film in spurts and bursts, and only when Tina could make time from her busy schedule as a VJ.