I did Virgin Woman Diaries for fun: Amit Behl

08 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Celebrated actor Amit Behl earned rave reviews as the cool dad of a young girl in Kabir Sadanand’s Virgin Woman Diaries that streamed in SonyLIV. Now the actor will soon be seen in a short film titled Appa and Amit plays the titular role. TheDigitalHash.com caught up with the actor to talk about his new venture and his views on digital as an entertainment medium.

What kind of father do you play in Appa?

I play a very stoic Indian middle class South Indian Brahmin father, who’s educated and believes in values. But he is a father not out of biology, but a father out of choice. He has adopted the protagonist – Shakti played by Lakshmi. She is a sweet rebel, her father heeds to all her demands. When he sees her going through a turbulent and traumatic phase in her life, he stands up for her. The short film talks about how he rebuilds her life for her.

Your characters in Virgin Woman Diaries and Appa are poles apart…

After Virgin Woman Diaries, people have come to me on the streets, asking me whether I am anti-condoms, am I a cool dad, am I that vicious in life, etc. I didn’t anticipate this kind of reaction, because I did it just for fun. But I believe post Appa, people will say ‘baap ho toh aisa ho’ (laughs).

Which is the most remarkable scene in the film?

I think there are about 7-8 great scenes that she (Lakshmi) has written, each scene has been important for me. But there is a very interesting scene, where my character has a showdown with the son-in-law.

Are you a digital entertainment fan?

I actually became a digital fan after I started watching Netflix and Amazon. I like watching House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Narcos and The Crown. I am a big fan of digital content, it is not censored and it very appealing.

Where do you see this medium in the next five years?

It is different to gauge that, because right now everyone is trying to explore the medium. But it is a bomb which will burst, and for good. I see this platform going long way. The only thing is that it needs to be regulated.

Appa will stream on YouTube on November 14.

You can watch the interview below