Viral Media makes it way to high altitudes with ScoopWhoop App

11 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you ever had the need for viral content up in the air, ScoopWhoop has you covered. The company’s content will now available in aeroplanes as Push Notifications. This will be an addition to the website’s app and will allow them to read ScoopWhoop content while in flight mode, even without internet connectivity. According to the feature, the content will be available only when the person is at 16000 feet and it will no longer be available when the plane and the person descends.  The content will pre-load on the app as soon as it is connected to WiFi, which makes it easier for passengers to have it on their devices.

Airlines and content companies have routinely tried to give the best of content to people who board flights since awhile. Earlier, Jet Airways launched JetScreen, which allowed the user to stream digital content on mobiles and other devices. And on it’s heels, SpiceJet announced in-flight entertainment in June. This service allows passengers to stream entertainment like movies, sports and even shop while they are in the air.

Inflight entertainment is still in its infancy now in India. TRAI is looking for in-flight WiFi but it hasn’t come up with anything concrete until now. There’s buzz that the final decision could be out as early as this month. This will enable airlines to set up the required infrastructure and create an online system that will allow for passengers to access online entertainment.

Some airlines are also planning to add access to laptops in their business class, so their patrons can access the entertainment that they want even at high altitudes and a bigger screen. All this a far cry from the initial days of entertainment and internet in India, when one had to pay through their nose to get basic internet connectivity.