Stream It: These viners will make you nostalgic about everything!

12 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
Viners have a interesting way to bring to fore aspects that we have experienced in life. They have been giving us reason to stop our scrolls and pay attention to their content. We list three great videos from this week

This FilterCopy video will take you a back to your college days

Individual content creators are creating some magic out of everyday aspects. Everyone remembers their college life – it’s a bitter sweet memory that high on nostalgia for everyone who’s ever been to college. This video takes you through the roller coaster ride that’s college. Enjoy!

Prajakta Koli tells us about the different kind of papas in our lives

MostlySane comes up with some great content and this time, she’s gone ahead and listed the kind of papas that we all have in our lives. So, we have the strict father, the buddy father, the techno father and then you have the lazy as well as the jokester father whose jokes you never laugh on. Enjoy this video!

Here are some hilarious doctors for you

People dread going to the doctor. It’s not just the money but also the physical pain that one might go through when they finally reach the doctor. Then there’s the prospect that you won’t understand what a doctor is saying. All this and more is covered in this video about the type of doctors that one encounters. Have fun watching this one!

These are the top three viners of this week. It’s interesting to see how the new age content creators are using everyday concepts to come up with such incredible content.