Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Rain’ promises more of the ‘same old’

14 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Two names that are big on the digital platform, Vikram Bhatt and Ekta Kapoor. While Ekta Kapoor launched a whole platform for web films and series, Vikram Bhatt brought his brand of horror to the digital platform with web series like ‘Maaya’, ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Gehraiyaan’. Now, Vikram has unleashed his new offering, ‘Rain’, that’s unfortunately underwhelming.

We were quite impressed by ‘Gehraiyaan’, because of the production values and the storyline that was unique. However, ‘Rain’ falters because of the over the top scenes and actors who promise to do nothing but ham.  Some actors seem to believe that having emotion-less faces showing contortions is horror – that’s not always the case. The damsel in distress concept is done to death horror films and the trailer leads us to wonder what new can Vikram add to this concept now.

The Over-the-top direction is something right out of the horror series of  ‘90s TV that has a following – proof is Netflix’s series ‘Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr’  that’s made by Zee Programming. However, the stories in that series are unique. So, if Bhatt’s ‘Rain’ has a unique concept, current concept that’s directed in the retro manner, it has scope, otherwise, it becomes just another web series that tried.

The series has Sid Makkar and Priya Banarjee as the leads and is directed by Anupama Saroj.

You can watch the promo here:-