Vikram Bhatt out to shake digital entertainment with 18 rupees payment model

14 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Vikram Bhatt is one of the fore-runners of digital entertainment. He first gave the much-needed legitimacy to streaming media with his VBOntheWeb and an onslaught of series like Maaya, Spotlight and others. Now, the maverick director has revealed another ace up his sleeve – a first of its kind, pay as you go model in India.

Basically, viewers will no longer have to pay a monthly subscription to access content made by Vikram Bhatt – they can now pay a nominal amount of 18 rupees per web series and watch it whenever they want to. We earlier told you that Vikram Bhatt will be keeping a nominal amount between 10 to 20 rupees, and we are the first to give you the exact amount – 18 rupees.

Speaking about the price point, he said that the Indian customer doesn’t think before forking out 18 rupees for a rickshaw ride or a small snack, so he was confident that they won’t mind paying that amount for quality content as well.

In a media interaction, Vikram Bhatt said that the Indian audience is subscription-phobic and are not very happy with what he termed as a ‘monthly EMI system’ to access content. He said that with VBontheWeb, he plans to break the price barrier that might keep some audiences from accessing streaming content.

During the media interaction, he revealed that VBOntheWeb will not just stream content that he creates but will also give an opportunity to other film makers who are looking to promote their content. And the better news – he will be profit sharing with them to the extent of 75% and 25%, where he will retain only 25% of the proceedings.

So, that’s good news for streaming audiences as well as content producers looking for a content platform.