Vidya Balan yet to decide whether Indira Bio Pic will be web series or film

11 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Vidya Balan is a power house performer – that’s been proved many times over. Now, the actress who’s got such movies like Kahaani and Tumhari Sulu has announced that she’s bought the rights to the book Indira – India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister. She has yet to decide whether she will convert it into a web series or a short film.  During a media interaction, Vidya said that she always wanted to play Indira Gandhi and is very excited about the opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, Sagarika Ghose, the author of the book, tweeted that she was very excited to see her book becoming a film and had suggestions as to who’d play Indira’s husband, Feroze Gandhi.

The life and times of Feroze and Indira are not just politically interesting, but also have the right vibe that’ll click with the audiences today. Feroze and Indira first met when Feroze joined the Indian Independence movement, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Feroze first proposed to Indira in 1933, but after the initial refusal, Indira and Feroze became close to each other and married only in 1942. Incidentally, they were both jailed during the Quit India Movement less than six months after their wedding. Initially, even Jawaharlal Nehru was opposed to the relationship and assuaded Mahatma Gandhi to convince them not to marry.

If this does happen, Vidya Balan will be in august company of actors and actresses who have made the turn from mainstream to streaming.  It remains to be seen if Vidya will make it into a short film that’ll go on a YouTube channel or whether it will be something that’s pitched to Netflix or Amazon Prime.