VB On Web: Untouchables

02 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

VB on the Web is Vikram Bhatt’s streaming platform. It has been around since a while and now, Vikram Bhatt’s new web series, Untouchables has hit the channel. The first episode, which seems to be the first part of a two-episode deal has hit the web and here’s our review.

What’s WOW: India doesn’t have a lot of legal-eagle content, whether TV, films or streaming. Some have worked, some haven’t, but the fact stands – Indian audiences could do with a lot of legal eagle content. Vikram Bhatt decides to give just that to the audiences. The first episode is now streaming and the premise seems simple – a person is framed for a crime and a lawyer will help them out. Now, in the western world, this premise is always just a platform – and the rest of the story is about the personal interactions of the people involved – including the lawyers, the judges and even he para-legal. Whether Vikram Bhatt’s new series will do that remains to be seen.

What’s Blah: What didn’t go down well is the Over the Top performances of almost everyone in the first episode. This episode is about a medical intern moonlighting as an escort, who’s suddenly caught for the murder of a rich businessman – just as she’s deciding to quit it all and become the doting wife to a doctor.

This premise could have been played out much better with other actors. Currently, everyone in the series has decided that real performances are only those that have the characters yelling, speaking with bloodshot eyes and having a body language that’s right out of a wrestling ring.

The screenplay is questionable, but watch the first episode to judge that yourself, because we believe in giving you a spoiler free review. One of the most difficult screenplays are law dramas. They need to have the perfect blend of intelligent writing, emotional connect and the best will also give out a statement about the problems that the country’s legal system has.

It is too early to point out what’s bad in the web series, but at least the performances will put you off immediately.

Parting Shot: There is a lot of Indian content on the streaming platforms nowadays. So, Vikram Bhatt will need to work harder to get this one off the ground to a flying start.

Cast: Vikram Bhatt, Srijita De, Anirudh Dave, Veer Aryan, Jignesh Joshi, Tithi Raaj, Fazil Khan