Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival 2017 will screen 3 LGBT Short Films

09 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The 2017 Vancouver Taiwan Film Festival offers a unique bouquet of 3 short films that explore the LGBT community. The festival will be screened from Friday to Sunday. The Pride Short Film Series will screen from 5 PM on Saturday and is presented with community partners Cor Flammae and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

The first film of the series, ‘The Priestess Walks Alone’ talks about a priestess who has held a secret since decades. Another film, ‘The Door’, by Yueh-Tzu Sun shows the difference between a teenage girl and her father, that’s fulfilled when she finds out that her father is a homosexual. The third film, ‘The Rose Boy’ is based on a real life incident, in which a boy died after being bullied for being feminine. It was this death that inspired the Taiwanese Gender Equality movement.