V Pick: That One Day

01 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

This time’s V Pick is about a single action that has made a change in lives of the characters. In life, sometimes, the part is more than the whole. There are several instances in our lives that calm us. These instances aren’t just memorable but serve as an experience that we can give unto others.

Our first film, Paw Print, is about how a old man who doesn’t actually likes canines finds himself caring for one all of a sudden. How that changes his life and outlook towards life is the main point of Paw Print.

Battery is another interesting film that tells us a student who’s bullied all the time in school and basically leads not such a great life. However, there is one aspect of his life that allows him to forget and forgive all of this.

Born Free is another great film that tells us the story of how a corporate professional decided to leave his job and take up the path that he would always have loved to.


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