V Pick: Take Back Everyday

03 . Jun . 2017
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Film-makers love the big story and so do the audiences. They love the grand stories set on a grandoise platform. But they also make space for everyday, intimate stories that create a spark of connect with the audience. This week, we celebrate the intimacy of film-making with our picks.

Dekhne Mein Kya Harj Hai

Milne Me Kya Harj Hai is a film whose story has played out almost every house in India in various avatars. A father and mother want their daughter married, but are torn between the two worlds that live in the house – the modern, independent world and the archaic, patriarchy led one. How they create a balance between the two is the crux of the story.

15 Minutes

Opinion about hyperlocal films has been divided. Some say that the audience at large cannot connect with it. Others are of the opinion that hyperlocal content intiates an introduction of the details of the lifestyle of a region or a person to others.

Both are correct and sometimes, when one adds some quirky humor, the film becomes a must watch. What’s interesting is that the film doesn’t have a intricate, complex script – it’s just about a person traveling back home in Mumbai via public transport. It’s a marvel that the film-maker has succeeded in adding so much of a story in such a simple premise.

Life After

This is another thought provoking story told through minimal dialogue and a good screenplay. It is about a woman who’s undergone breast cancer surgery and how she copes with life after. A good film.

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